How to use “FLAT PANO – navi” in Panotour Pro 2.

  • I made a (new type) version of the plug-ins for PTP2. Click here.
  • “FLAT PANO – navi”can also be applied to flatpano that you created in PTP2.
  • About “FLAT PANO – navi” , ckick here.


1.Directions for use


0) Unzip the software.

STEP1 1) Open the image in PPT2.Select “flat-pano” in Output projection.
STEP2 2) Select “Conrtrol Bar” in Style.
STEP3 3) Build.
STEP4 4) Open panorama folder.
STEP5 5) Copy the “flat-navi” folder.
STEP6 6) Open main xml file.
STEP7 7) Copy the code to main XML.


About “FLAT PANO – navi” , ckick here.